The Story Behind

you and your's customers

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Tomáš Kovalinka

if anything:

Lately on one event I have been asked a question “what is the best client”. My reply was: One, that hasn’t got a paranormal vision of his online business success in two months time. Good SEO optimalization, and right aim on customers are things that are novadays necessary. Todays marketing can be seen in two ways: throw a big lump of money to saturate the market or if not, then create a good strategy, choose right keywords, prepare easy to grab story about you or your product and of course clean and pretty website.

It is not about product. It is about the story that it tells. You can make a photo of anything but only good one tells the story of a moment that is important.

Therefore we create stories. We listen, write down and try to find what has been lost in process. We look from different angles to see what is hidden and what is really important. You, your hands, your craftmanship, the skill, materials, quality, the process and of course feelings. 

We aim on what is imporant to us, to people, to your customers. Not your sales and revenue, but the story and purpose of products to identify with their own group of customers.

When these things comes together, everything starts again. And you can watch your customers come, statistics grow and revenue increases.

Whate have, we done.

smth. that we want to share